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你强调了吗?你觉得不堪重负吗?你有机会。根据2020年,大约60%的美国成年人报告“压力”Gallup poll。What’s even more concerning is that this number has increased at an unprecedented rate (14%) since the pandemic. Normally, the number of American adults who report being ‘stressed out’ stays relatively the same with small fluctuations from one year to the next.

此外,重要的是要注意,Gen Z年龄组中的更多个人正在努力与任何其他一代更高的压力水平。据考证,6.1 of 10 people from Gen Z report experiencing high levels of stress。The Gen Z group includes adults aged 18 to 23 years.

大流行导致了越来越多的成年人 - 以及孩子,青少年和年轻人感受到压力。这不仅来自大流行,而且来自内乱,以及世界的状态。11月3日,2021年是全国压力意识日,没有更好的时间来获得一个处理你的压力并找到应对和减少它的健康方式。

What is Stress?

First, it’s important to understand a little bit about stress. There is ‘good’ stress and then there is ‘bad’ stress. While most of us may feel like any kind of stress is bad, that’s not really the case. ‘Good’ stress can help us do well on tests, in interviews, during presentations, and more. In times of immediate danger, stress can save our lives and sometimes the lives of our loved ones.


The body responds to stress in several ways. When you are faced with danger or perceived danger, the pulse rate quickens, the heart rate speeds up, muscles tense up, and the brain uses more oxygen and picks up activity. All of these physical responses occur because the brain is preparing the body to ‘fight’ or ‘flee’, as in ‘fight or flight response’.

After the danger passes, the body returns to normal functioning and life resumes as before. The problem arises when there is chronic stress. With chronic stress, the body remains in ‘fight or flight’ mode for prolonged periods of time. When the body operates in fight or flight mode on an ongoing basis, trouble can begin.

Sadly, this type of chronic stress is what most Americans are living with today. And the impacts on the body, mind, and spirit can be devastating.

Physical Effects of Chronic Stress


  • 免疫系统
  • 消化系统
  • 心血管系统
  • 生殖系统
  • 睡眠模式


In addition, chronic stress影响你的心理健康。Chronic stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. These, in turn, can also have negative impacts on your physical health further exacerbating the issues.



有许多不同的方式来应对压力。有些是健康的,有些是不是。如前所述,substance abusecan be a result of chronic stress. Some people may wonder how stress and alcohol or substance abuse are connected.


这种富有意义的方法来缓解一些压力和焦虑可以 - 并且通常会变成一种应力的应对机制。随着时间的推移,当有人开始依靠酒精或另一种物质时,它可能导致依赖甚至成瘾。这是一个原因,这对不仅学会应对压力的健康方式至关重要,而且比以后达到慢性应激,抑郁,焦虑和药物滥用。

滥用药物和心理健康服务管理局(Samhsa)报告说770万美国人suffer from a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety and substance abuse issues such as alcohol addiction. It can be difficult to determine which presented first, but it is often discovered during treatment that the substances were used to help with the other mental health disorder.

No matter which occurred first, it’s important to get treatment for them both at the same time. This will give you the best chance at long-term recovery from both. If, for example, you or a loved one have an alcohol issue but are also suffering from depression it’s vital to treat both. If you only get treatment for the substance use disorder, in this example alcohol dependence, then once you leave treatment without addressing the depression, it’s more likely that you would then pick up alcohol to help ease the pain of the depression. As you can see, it’s essential that any co-occurring disorders be treated at the same time.


Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

我们经常能感觉到由压力几乎瘫痪。当it comes to chronic stress this can be true as well. In addition, when it comes to chronic stress many people can become stuck in their unhealthy coping habits. However, making some small adjustments can really go a long way.


  • Exercise

当有人强调他们时,他们可能不想花时间或努力锻炼身体。然而,研究表明,运动30分钟can improve mood, reduce tension, improve sleep, and even boost self-esteem. You don’t have to run on a treadmill or jog in a park, you can find your own kind of exercise to engage in for stress relief.

  • Breathing


  • 观察


  • 连接

Staying connected in some way to others who care is important to help with stress. Maintain relationships with family and good friends even when you are ‘stressed out’. These connections will help you to be resilient and bounce back from times of stress more easily.

  • 请求帮忙


If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or really overwhelmed with life and stress, reach out to your primary caregiver, find a counselor, talk to your religious leader, or seek treatment for any co-occurring substance abuse issues.

你越早得到帮助,更好。无论你现在有多么强调,现在必须意识到它不必保持这种方式,它会变得更好。如果您或亲人需要帮助药物滥用或精神健康障碍,beplay2.cnis here for you. We offer three different residential treatment programs for alcohol and substance abuse. In addition, we successfully treat co-occurring disorders. Futures is also proud to have an住院治疗计划单独致力于抑郁和焦虑等心理健康问题。



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